What we do.
The basis of all knowledge is research.

The Lighthouse Project tracks cases that are going before the appellate courts and Supreme Court of Canada. We read new decisions every day, track those decisions and report them to a growing network of defence lawyers.

The Lighthouse Project follows media coverage of trials to track the sources of misinformation which have fueled protests and improperly attacked members of our legal system.

The Lighthouse Project has successfully assisted with Intervenor applications to safeguard the protections of due process rights, address myths and stereotypes about men and create balance to the organizations which assume all female complainants are telling the truth.

The Lighthouse Project answers dozens of requests for help every month from people who are in shock and trying to navigate the legal system. We provide information and the tools for people to better communicate with their lawyers and understand the decisions that need to be made about what evidence can be used in their defence.
The Lighthouse Project is not a legal service and cannot provide legal advice.

Our Services

What we offer. How we help.

Legal Research & Assistance

The Lighthouse Project workers are not lawyers and our service does not replace your lawyer. We are crowdfunded so we can offer our help at no cost to the falsely accused.

If you are accused, you will still need a lawyer. Your attorney has experience in the courtroom but, before seeing your evidence, he does not know the details of your case. Speaking to a lawyer for the first time, a falsely accused person is often in a distressed state which makes it more difficult to explain your situation and evidence.

Due to the stress an accused person is under, important details can be missed. Lawyers often get a disjointed and emotionally coloured version of events.

Lighthouse works with you to help assemble your evidence into a concise, factual, and organized format that your lawyer needs to win your case. The court systems can be very slow. We help you understand the process better and help relieve some of the stress while waiting for your day in court.

Educating the Public

Lighthouse engages with members of the legal community, academics, police, and expert witnesses to better inform the public about the legal system and principles of the law like presumption of innocence and due process rights. There has been a growing concern with public faith in the legal system and much of it can be relieved through education.

‍Through articles, videos, panel discussions, submissions to the Department of Justice, and connecting with other similar groups, Lighthouse Project is a growing voice in protecting the civil rights of all accused and drawing attention to the very real problem of wrongful convictions.

More and more people are reaching out for help and the Lighthouse Project has already given many people hope in their darkest times.

Be involved.