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The legal system is not always just.

The Lighthouse Project was created to research and address the ongoing problem of false accusations and wrongful convictions of domestic violence and sexual assault. The growing attention on these social problems and pressure to reform the legal system has resulted in policies and interpretations of equality which have undermined the protections meant to guard against wrongful convictions.

There are many women’s organizations which have dominated the discourse on sexual violence, reshaping the current laws without proper balance or acknowledgement that false accusations are a real problem.

The Lighthouse Project engages in ongoing research, tracking court decisions, working with defence lawyers to restore due process rights and offering information to people who find themselves caught up in the legal system with a false accusation.

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Diana Davison Lighthouse Founder
Diana Davison is a legal researcher and, through Lighthouse, has helped hundreds of men understand the legal system and the challenges they face as an accused person. She is a contributor to a monthly newsletter on sexual assault law in Canada and has been an outspoken advocate for due process in the media.
The Lighthouse Project is not a legal service and cannot provide legal advice.

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